No Fear, No Anxiety, Trust God

I don’t spend a lot of time on social media anymore. I used to be on it all the time. It was a great way to waste time and see what was going on in the world around me. Unfortunately, it wasn’t good for my mood, my blood pressure, or my anger issues. Just scroll through Facebook for 5 minutes. What do you see? How much of it is positive? Not a lot anymore. One or two posts from friends or family that are happy posts. Most are retweets and shares about how terrible our country is, how much we hate what is going on in the world, and how out of control things are getting in the world. It is depressing. It can take you from happy, to brooding in 30 seconds. All the political posts. The hate of either the president, congress, senators, or the overall dumpster fire our country is becoming. Riots, fights, wars, drugs, shootings, and arguments are the forefront of all that is on social media. Everyone has an opinion and your opinion is wrong. Everyone is offended over everything. Its too much. I can’t stand it. Why can’t we go back to the original use? To see what good is going on with your family and friends. Now its all about memes and blogs and trends and what is bad in the world, whether you are on the right, the left, or somewhere in the middle; there is always something you can find that supports you. As well as other things you can find that will anger and offend you. There is no winning on social media anymore. Just one man’s opinion.

What I find most troubling is, the posts and comments I see from the Christians in my life. They look an awful lot like the posts and comments from the secular world. As I scroll through social media, I see mostly outrage, hurt, offense, and anger, from both Christ followers and non-followers. They all look the same. I understand there are some things worth fighting for. I get that. But when we are more concerned with the world around us and less concerned with the kingdom, there is a major problem. It seems that a lot of people are more concerned with the world, than they are with the kingdom. It doesn’t seem like there is a whole lot of trust in God anymore, even from Christian friends on social media. The devil has us more outraged over a president, more offended by the left, more concerned with the things of this world, than we are trusting in a mighty God who has a plan. A God who we know wins in the end. We are so blinded by the world around us that we forget to trust in God. Instead, we fight and argue among ourselves, and with non-believers. Then we are shocked when no one believes in God. We need to be the better example. We need to quit giving God a bad name. We are soiling his name because we are more concerned with ourselves and our own feelings, that we cannot help others see the light. If people were to meet us in real life, and we talk about Christ and how much he has changed our lives, then they get on our social media accounts, and we look and talk just like the world; we are doing a huge disservice to God.

We must be different. How can we say we love God, and trust him, then complain all day long when his plan doesn’t look like we want it to? I feel like I have written about that subject a bunch lately. We cannot be that concerned with the things of the world. If we believe we are not of this world, but born again of the spirit. Then why are we worried about the status of the world? We cannot live in the kingdom of God and in the world at the same time. Its not possible. You can only focus on one at a time. John says, do not love the world or the things in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him. For all that is in the world, the desires of the flesh and the desires of the eyes and the pride of life, is not from the Father but is from the world. And the world is passing away along with its desires, but whoever does the will of God abides forever, (1 John 2:15-17 ESV). If we are of the Father we cannot be concerned with the things of the world. The world is passing away. The world is in a downward spiral. It was all planned from the beginning. The world will pass away, so why concern yourself so much with it? Do we not trust God? Why is it hard to  believe he is good and still in control? Is all the complaining about that is going on in the world, actually solving anything, or just making us more and more angry? For me it just raised my blood pressure and made me hate the world. It made me lose focus on God and care way too much about the concerns of the world. We must be different. We cannot love God and love the world.

Jesus devoted a lot of his time to teaching the disciples about not living in the world, but living in the kingdom and trusting the father. Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal, but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys and where the thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. The eye is the lamp of the body. So, if your eye is healthy, your whole body will be full of light, but if your eye is bad, your whole body will be full of darkness. If then the light in you is darkness, how great is the darkness! No one can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and money, (Matthew 6:19-24 ESV). Where is your treasure? What are your eyes focused on? This is what Jesus is asking. If your heart is in the kingdom, then it isn’t in the world. It’s in a place where no one can steal your joy, your hope, your peace. If you are focused on the world, the thief will steal your joy, your hope, and your peace. He adds the eye is the lamp of the body. What are you focused on? If you are focused on God and his will and trusting in him, then your body is full of light. If you are focused on the world around you, the negativity, and the hate, then your body is full of darkness. He wraps this up by saying you cannot serve both God and money. The word money is a representation of the world. The Greek word used is Mammon, more accurately translated to mean worldly things. We cannot focus on the kingdom of God and his will, and be worrying about the world at the same time. The heart cannot be in two places at once. You are either living in fear of the world, or living in peace in the light. Where is your heart? You cannot live in fear and live in the light at the same time. There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear, (1 John 4:19 ESV). For God gave us a spirit not of fear, but of power and love and self-control, (2 Timothy 1:7 ESV). There is no fear of the future, there is no fear of the present, there is no fear at all if we are walking in the love of Christ. We are not to fear. Yet there are so many Christians worried about the future and worried about the world burning around us. Then posting about it on social media. We cannot live in fear.

 Jesus himself tells us not to worry about tomorrow. Therefore, I tell you do not be anxious about your life, what you will eat or what you will drink, nor about your body, what you will put on. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothing? Look at the birds of the air: they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they? And which of you by being anxious can add a single hour to his span of life? And why are you anxious about clothing? Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they neither toil nor spin, yet I tell you, even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these. But if God so clothes the grass of the field, which today is alive and tomorrow is thrown into the oven, will he not much more clothe you, O you of little faith? Therefore, do not be anxious, saying, “what shall we eat? Or what Shall we wear? For the Gentiles seek after these things, and your heavenly Father knows the you need them all. But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. Therefore, do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble. (Matthew 6:25-34 ESV)

Jesus wants to know, why are we worried about tomorrow. Why are we concerned with the world? If we would only seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, the rest will take care of itself. Our job is the kingdom first. We should be concerned with winning souls. We should not concern ourselves with the things of the world. Let the troubles of the world deal with themselves. Why are we concerned with the price of gas? Why are we concerned with the price of food? Why are we more concerned with riots, and looting, and all the evil in the world, and less concerned with the spreading of the gospel? We cannot add a single hour to our lives by worrying about the world around us. Paul tells us, share in suffering as a good soldier of Christ Jesus. No soldier gets entangled in civilian pursuits, since his aim is to please the one who enlisted him (2 Timothy 2:3-4). Why are we so worried about civilian pursuits? Why are we so worried about the things of this world, that are so clearly passing away? No solider worries about these things. We need to start doing what we are told. To seek the kingdom first and not worry about the world around us.

I leave the choice to you. I for one do not want the extra stress. I for one do not want the worry. It does me no good. I for one am going to stray away from bickering, fighting, and sharing negativity on social media. Instead, I am choosing to pursue the kingdom of God and his righteousness. The choice is yours. Do you want the kingdom, or do you want the stress and worry? Do you want the negativity and arguments, or do you want to look different than the world? Don’t get me wrong there are things worth fighting for, but they are souls and people, not things and places. Let’s choose to not argue in the comment section. Let’s choose to share love more than negativity. Let’s choose to turn the other cheek, go the extra mile, love our neighbors as ourselves, and pray for those who persecute us. Let’s not get entangled in civilian pursuits. Let’s live a life of love and not of fear. Let’s show people who we are, and who we live for, not just in regular life, but on our social media accounts as well. Let’s show the love of God, not fear.

It’s all in his hands. He wins in the end. How we get there is a mystery. But let’s choose to trust God even if the world is on fire. My life is not my own. So, why worry?

James Delisle

Published by Hillside Christian Church

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