Christmas Day

          To be up front and honest, it has been a few years since I truly enjoyed the Christmas season. I could give a list full of reasons, but in reality my post-it note of excuses won’t cut it with Jesus. As I’ve been working through my own feelings about Christmas, Advent, gifts, and the commercialization of it all, I am forced to go back to the basics of it. What is it going to take for me to love Christmas again?

          As I was talking with a close friend about my (for lack of better words) hatred for the season, we discussed their childhood and feelings about Christmas. Why they love Christmas. This pushed me to revisit my own childhood, which for me was slightly difficult in its own way. Not because my childhood was particularly difficult, but because of my early adult life choices, many of my memories are skewed or missing. That is for another day.

          I had to go ask questions because I remember two things that happened as a child. I used to love Christmas as a child, but early on it wasn’t about gifts. At least, I don’t think it was. The more I dive into my memory, the more I see it was after my walk away from Jesus (prodigal years) that my idea of Christmas became broken. It became less about the birth of the Savior and more about the extra stuff.

          So here’s the memory. I was probably eight or nine years old; we lived in Papillion at the time. We weren’t what most would consider poor, but that year Dad and Mom barely afforded the ‘R’. So the church we were a part of picked us up as their “adopt a family.” We came home from Christmas Eve service after stopping at the store for a cake to celebrate the birth of Jesus to find someone had been in our house. There wasn’t much under the tree when we left, but now there were boxes all around it.

          I remember these two things from that night, a cake for Jesus and a church who saw a family in need and cared for them. These are the two things I need in order to combat my hatred for this commercialized season. I really don’t need a reason for cake, I can find a reason for cake, and I can celebrate Jesus birth at any time, so the placement on the calendar isn’t important either.

          The bible is very clear on giving gifts to the poor and in need. It is very clear about having times of celebration. So if giving gifts isn’t a problem, and celebrating isn’t the problem, then what is truly my problem? While we say the reason for the season is Jesus, I do not see lives that reflect that very often. So I’m making the choice right now, I’m going to like this season, give with a joyful heart, stop faking the smiles, and remember that it’s all about remembering when the creator came to meet His creation by becoming one of them with the intent of paying the ultimate sacrifice to purchase them back from slavery.


Published by Hillside Christian Church

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